Nesbitt/Nisbet Society (British Isles)

Join us at Bannockburn!

We will have a tent in the clan village, full of Nesbitt/Nisbet history, imagery, publications and hospitality. Please do come and see us.

Tickets for a full day of entertainment - battle re-enactments, music, food & heritage are still available from the organisers

  • Subscriptions due soon for year beginning May 2014; subscriptions still fixed at £12/household
  • Attractive new print of Nisbet House available from artist Terry Weisenfeld. For more details see the News page.
  • Membership now possible via Paypal (credit/debit card)

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The Nesbitt/Nisbet Society was founded in 1980 by Prof. John and Dolores Nesbitt of Iowa City, USA. Its aims are to assist genealogical research into Nesbitt/Nisbet families (whatever the spelling), to identify and preserve Nesbitt/Nisbet heritage, and to encourage communication and social gathering among all with Nesbitt/Nisbet interests.

The United Kingdom branch (with a membership spanning much of Europe) was founded in 1983 and has a membership of over 130 families. It collaborates closely with the branches in North America and Australia in organising regular gatherings in Scotland, producing a quarterly newsletter, and publishing a wide range of books. Its website was established in 1995 and moved to this address (in greatly expanded form) in September 2004.

A wide range of information on Nesbitt/Nisbet people, families, places and publications is freely available on this site. Membership also brings access to our newsletter and online back-issues, meetings and genealogical advice, as well as some publications that are not online.

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